• My frist post!

    Hei! Welcome! I am so excited to start this blog! My name is Alice Catalina. I am born and raised in Norway. ✨ I am 22 and would love to be your friend. I love traveling and I am very excited to share this journey with you in my creative way. I will be sharing when I travel the world, but also share honest thoughts (since there is a lot going on in my mind). I will post thoughts and talk to you as you were my friend.

    Some info about me!😃

    I am born in ( 8th of October 1999) I am half Norwegian half Peruvian (LATINA) ^^ Personality wise I am bubbly, random and creative.
    I like to game Mario games sometimes.>
    I like learning about Korean culture and know Korean! I stan BTS and have always wanted to interview them! Trying new things and funny dishes is fun to me. Especially sweets, can’t wait to travel the world and try national food and sweets.

    I like to edit and make funny content. I love listening to Spanish music. I have always wanted to travel and share the journey. I am also human and feel lonely sometimes and I ain’t perfect and also ready open up here when I can

    Some photos of me:

    Social media✨

    IG: alice.minde
    Twitter: @gangstaismyname
    Youtube: Alice Minde

  • Buy flight tickets on the airline page & NOT Third party.

    Today I am here to tell you that you should always buy airplane tickets on the airline’s main site. This is because IF something happens with your flight the airline can fix it then & there. While if you book through a third party company THEN you have to contact your third party company even if it is a last minute change. The airline will tell you to contact the third-party company you booked with. In any case of changes/rebooking/cancellations, third parties apply extra charges and can make the overall process difficult.

    What I usually do is that I use a Third Party site to see which airline company has the cheapest tickets and then in the end I go directly to the airline company site and book through them.

    That is it. Short and sweet, but straight to the point! ^^

    Happy New Year, I’ll See y’all.

  • To ask or not to ask a stranger out

    Have you ever met a stranger and immediately felt this instant attraction? You are so intrigued yet you get shy. You see this handsome stranger and you realize if you don’t take the chance now you will never see this person again. So should you ask the stranger out or not? My opinion is that it really depends. It might be uncomfortable being asked out if a person at work. I once got asked out at work and it was uncomfortable because I wasn’t attracted to them or they were old men. But if it was a guy my age and he was honest, asked with respect and asked for my Snapchat I would be flattered. So as your friend I think you should go for it! Just be kind and blunt about it. Then you’ll now if they’re interested, have a girlfriend or they can take it as a compliment. Shoot your shot and ask them, because you’ll end up regretting it.

    Have you ever asked a stranger out? Do you recommend? Let me know in the comments! Have a wonderful day!

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