Buy flight tickets on the airline page & NOT Third party.

Today I am here to tell you that you should always buy airplane tickets on the airline’s main site. This is because IF something happens with your flight the airline can fix it then & there. While if you book through a third party company THEN you have to contact your third party company evenContinue reading “Buy flight tickets on the airline page & NOT Third party.”


Week 4 – 2022 SWEDEN?🥳

Hi, everyone! New week, new possibilities! A new week where we can decide to do better with each action. Set us goals, whether that is giving yourself a compliment each day, or trying to live through doing the best you can. Heres a week fact; Did you know that in many languages, the days ofContinue reading “Week 4 – 2022 SWEDEN?🥳”

To ask or not to ask a stranger out

Have you ever met a stranger and immediately felt this instant attraction? You are so intrigued yet you get shy. You see this handsome stranger and you realize if you don’t take the chance now you will never see this person again. So should you ask the stranger out or not? My opinion is thatContinue reading “To ask or not to ask a stranger out”