Week 4 – 2022 SWEDEN?🥳

Hi, everyone! New week, new possibilities! A new week where we can decide to do better with each action. Set us goals, whether that is giving yourself a compliment each day, or trying to live through doing the best you can. Heres a week fact; Did you know that in many languages, the days of the week are named after classical planets or gods of a pantheon? I didn’t know, that’s kinda cool

In my case, this week might mean new travels for me✈️. Yup yo girl Catalina might be going to no other than SWEDEN in Stockholm! 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 Ah yes, the land of the famous meatballs😌Norway’s neighbour country. Most Norwegian have been many times in Sweden, but I went to Sweden for the first time being 19 years old. This is because as young,, my family only traveled to Peru since I’m half LATINA (peruvian). I have been to Peru total of 5 times. And when I travel to Peru I will make sure to make a VLOG✨ First time I went to another place than Peru was Malaga, Spain when I was 17. First time I visited the capital of Norway I was 19! I am now going for the second time in Stockholm and I’ll make an amazing VLOG about my trip to Sweden so stay tuned! I love this feeling, the endorphin of traveling and vlogging about it Also being able to share it with you✨. It’ll be so fun!

Corona has made it a little difficult to travel for us all. But we ain’t gonna let that stop us! I got my second dose of the corona virus so I am good to go.✈️

Have a nice week! Comment if there something I must do in Stockholm (tips) or if you have any questions, or doing anything exciting this week✨



Published by Catalina Latina!

My name is Alice Catalina. I am 22 years old from Norway, half LATINA. Love tourism, spanish & korean culture!

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