To ask or not to ask a stranger out

Have you ever met a stranger and immediately felt this instant attraction? You are so intrigued yet you get shy. You see this handsome stranger and you realize if you don’t take the chance now you will never see this person again. So should you ask the stranger out or not? My opinion is that it really depends. It might be uncomfortable being asked out if a person at work. I once got asked out at work and it was uncomfortable because I wasn’t attracted to them or they were old men. But if it was a guy my age and he was honest, asked with respect and asked for my Snapchat I would be flattered. So as your friend I think you should go for it! Just be kind and blunt about it. Then you’ll now if they’re interested, have a girlfriend or they can take it as a compliment. Shoot your shot and ask them, because you’ll end up regretting it.

Have you ever asked a stranger out? Do you recommend? Let me know in the comments! Have a wonderful day!


Published by Catalina Latina!

My name is Alice Catalina. I am 22 years old from Norway, half LATINA. Love tourism, spanish & korean culture!

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